Measuring your online marketing activity to make better decisions.

for centuries, customers were king. it seems of recent that new royalty joined the reigns to work together to run the land. the digital land, that is. it is important for brands to measure data and use insights to enhance customer experience – keeping the king happy and all

so data – who, what and when?
data, referred to in this blog, is the information gathered from the performance of online marketing activities. performance-measured marketing if you will. understanding your page, posts, websites, and email data plus analyzing this equals useful insights. if interpreted correctly you can assume great success in your efforts. if you serious about data analysis then consider investing in reporting tools that automate the process (most of all, the effort) and let’s you spend more time applying the learnings.

let’s take a quick look.
if your posting times are wrong then you’ll receive less reach or engagement. if your frequency is incorrect or inconsistent then you’re probably been forgotten or even spamming the user. is your open rate low? then change your subject line. if your website traffic is low, then optimize your ads or improve your SEO (search engine optimization). the beauty of digital marketing – easily identify and resolve these issues by understanding your data.

anything and everything (well, most things) can be measured in the digital marketing world. you’re able to determine ROI/ ROAS (return on advertising spend), sentiment analysis, best times to post, engagement and the list simply goes on. whilst it’s great to measure everything, also be cautious of “analysis paralysis.”

now that everything can be measure, now what?
well, let’s take it back. your strategy determines the objectives you set out to achieve – what was your objective? measure that. in saying so, you also need to understand what the benchmarks are – this helps define success against failure. the digital marketing world is fast so monitor your data regularly to detect and troubleshoot issues.

so you tried it all but can’t understand why a particular post is not working?
there are multiple options at your disposable to diagnose the issue. these can include content design, copy, targeting or even frequency. if you’ve tried everything then perhaps give the ol split testing a shot. you’ll be able to identify the problem. there are also a list of other techniques such as remarketing to resolve the issue.

in our experience, sometimes something just does NOT work. considering the speed in the digital space – what worked last month may not even work this month. the digital consumer is ever-changing and is definitely one of the most complicated aspects of digital marketing.

we hope that you’ll be measuring your activities closer now and make small efforts to enhance the experience for your user. if you need any assistance to maneuver you way around this then please feel free to connect with our team to assist you with your measurement issues.

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