why social media?

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the wonderful eric qualman coined the saying “we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”
wow, now that’s a powerful statement right. this proves that social media is not an option – every brand must have a social media presence and make good use of it.

so here are some of the benefits of having a social media presence (if you are not already taking advantage of the social platforms):

increase brand awareness
reach new and existing audiences to increase brand awareness. people have grown accustomed to engaging with brands on social media and seems to be the preferred method so why not open this channel to your customers?

cost-effective and tailored
digital marketing is far more cost effective than traditional marketing. advertising space (air time) is much cheaper which means that you get more bang for your buck. with platform advancements, you can target a highly custom audience to see your ads or a series of ads which ideally optimizes your ad spend.

all your content is measurable on social media. you can identify what worked, what didn’t and what needs to be improved. by having this information you’re able to craft content that is more relevant and relatable to the audience.

your audience
customers are now smarter than ever before – they hold brands responsible and accountable. they seek a brand with a personality, a brand that they can have a conversation with and a brand that embraces their values.

you can use social media to also conduct market research through use of polls and surveys, asking them questions and getting them to vote for your offering. after you gather that information you can then craft solutions/ products and offerings aligned to those specifications.

customers value brands that build relationships and engage with them on social media, whether its an enquiry or a complaint. they respect brands for responding to their queries and in most cases, more likely to purchase from them again.

as we’ve noticed in the past few years, a brands downfall will be published to social media before a news publication can even get to it. with the power of social media’s speed, brands can quickly respond back with an apology or resolution or a response of sorts that indicates to the audience that you’ve heard them.

manage frequency
considering social media users log onto their accounts multiple times a day you should aim to be as present as possible. you will therefore be top of mind when they’re in the market to purchase a product/ service that you offer.

stay ahead of competitor activity
you can view your competitor’s activity on social media and easily respond to it with a counter post or even take a note so that you’re always updated. the same applies to your industry – you can keep up with the latest trends and updates plus you can engage in conversation on those posts. by engaging in posts like that it will improve your

be an expert
social media is more than an advertising portal whereby you flood the users with specials/ promotions/ products, etc but can also be used to show your expertise in your industry. you become a credible source of information and thereby become useful for users to follow – they now start seeing the value of your page.

in summary, you need to be on social media to leverage of a massive and growing audience plus be able to build relationships and engage with your audience. the rest are all added benefits but these are the basic ingredients as to why every brand should have a social media presence.

we have great social media packages to help you get started or to even improve your brand on social media. whatever you require, we can assist you – our aim is to always ensure companies are not just doing social media but they doing so well otherwise you’re just getting lost in the clutter.

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